If you are unsure about your final manuscript and you are in need of Christian editing services. We will be more than glad to assist you with your writing.


Our Christian editors will check the Overall quality of writing and improve it as needed, we will also make sure of enhancing the language used for better understanding.

By working on the expressions and making them clearer, correcting possible errors and inconsistencies, your writing will have maximum impact in a positive way.


Christian Proofreading

Our Christian proofreaders will check spelling, grammar, consistency, typos and usages of the language when proofreading your work.

Our rate for this service is 0.02 cents per word.


Christian Copy-editing

Our Christian editors will go through your manuscript improving its clarity, flow, avoiding redundancies; working on your point of view and addressing appropriate your audience.

Our rate for this service is 0.03 cents per word


Christian Content Editing

Our Christian editors will work on your writing style, formatting consistency, organization of your material, character’s, plots developments, find the logic behind your writing, phrasing and word choice for a better final manuscript.

 Our rate for this service is 0.04 cents per word


Christian Comprehensive Editing

God has giving you a message to share with the world, but you don’t know how to put it into words, or maybe you are not sure that you are using correct words to reach others. Your manuscript might need shaping, restructuring and possibly re-writing, wherever is necessary; we will help you polish your writing, manuscript and give your writing a more professional approach for the readers to feel better with your work.


We will provide you two or three drafts for your approval, thus assuring final outcome imagined by your and sharing your message using your first draft that God inspired you to share.


Contact us for a better quote on this service.