Christian Ghostwriting

If you are looking for experts Christian ghostwriters to shape your story and put your ideas into writing; just contact you. You might have the vision or idea, but we can help you put it into writing.

Christian Layout and Formatting

We can assist you to format and layout your book as per kindle requirements (or another publishing house).

Christian Book Cover Design

Christian book cover design are very expensive; we have been there, we have had headaches with the high prices of Christian book cover design. With us, you won’t have that problem anymore, we will create a perfect, customized book cover for you at a very low rate compering to the huge amounts charged online.


Christian Book Promotion

Writing your book and publishing is just the beginning of your journey. If you did not know, the hard work starts now. We will help you rank and promote your book online, amazon ranking, search engine ranking and worldwide recognition.


Amazon Christian Book Ranking

Your book is available in amazon, but nobody is finding it and you are not having any sales at all, even when your book is free of charge, just very a few people are able to find it (your friends and family members). It is because most of the authors still don’t understand that is a search engine, therefore, you will need experts to rank your keywords and position your book where people can find it, resulting in sales. Just contact us for more information.


Christian Website Ranking

If you have a ministry website, personal website or just a blog and you want to rank it, so everyone body can find it at top number 1 position in google and other search engines; just contact us.


ISBN Assignment

If you just need a few ISBNs, just contact us and we will gladly assign new ISBNs for you from our whole bunch of ISBNs.


Christian Book Translation

Christian Translation ministry has been translating Christian books and materials online for more than 15 years into more than 125 languages. If you want to reach other countries and nationalities with your book and message, just contact our partner ministry by clicking here (Christian Translation).