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Month: October 2019

Amazing Facts about the Gospel of Mark

Amazing Facts about the Gospel of Mark The Gospel of Mark is one of the four canonical gospels in the Bible. The other Gospels are Luke, Matthew, and John. Mark is the shortest gospels among the four. So, here are some surprising facts about the Gospel of Mark Mark has alternative endings. According to historians Read more

Christian Ministry: Why it is Important for the Church

Christian ministry refers to the specific department within a congregation. Frequently, these ministries are age-specific while other churches employ the inter-generational concept. The main objective of these ministries is to meet the spiritual needs of the members. Why is Christian Ministry Important? A church ministry is important because it addresses the specific spiritual needs of Read more

Christian Worship: A General Overview

Christian worship honors and magnifies God. Christians use different ways. If you are going to study the Bible, Christian worship consists of different ways. Christians do it formally and informally. So, what are the parts of worship and what are the elements included in it? Formal Worship Formal worship includes prayer and Sunday (or Sabbath) Read more