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4 Biblical Verses as Your Guide for Christian Living

4 Biblical Verses as Your Guide for Christian Living

Writing about Christian living is another difficult topic. Pastors and other church workers have varying opinions about it. The only way to define it properly is to use Bible verses as references. Here, we gathered five important biblical references, discussing Christian living.

Christian living is to become light to other people.

Bible reference: Matthew 5:13-16

It says here that a Christian should be the light of the world and to others. To be that light, it means to profess your Christian faith in all circumstances. As Christians, you are called to show our light, whether you feel like doing it or not. It’s a commitment, every Christian should do.

Yes, the world has a lot of suffering. These struggles often make you weak and spiritually weary. However, if you let your hope and light shine through those dark times, you are serving the purpose Christ called you to do.

Christian living is practicing consistent behavior in words and deeds.

Bible Reference: Philippians 1:27-30

The world tends to persecute Christians who evangelize, who preach the word of God. Skeptical people will always bring you down. They will always find ways to use your actions and words to hurt you.

But, if you make the Gospel your armor, you can protect yourself from these people. If you are consistent with what the Gospel is telling you to do and say, you can fight modern-day persecution. As Christians, you should behave following the Gospel of Christ, whether in words or deeds.

Christian living is praying without ceasing.

Bible Reference: I Thessalonians 5:17,18

Aside from daily reading of the Scriptures, part of a Christian’s life is praying. Prayer is communication with God. It is an opportunity to ask for forgiveness, supplication, and most importantly, to give thanks for all His goodness and guidance.

Christians don’t stop praying. You should make it a daily habit. Pray when you’re sad or happy. Pray for guidance or simply to thank God. Whatever it is, you should pray.

Christian living is happy living.

Bible Reference: I Thessalonians 5:15, 19-23

Happiness is a matter of perception. What makes one happy may not be the same with another person, but in Christian living, happiness means four things.

One, be kind to everyone else. Payback wrong deeds with kindness. This will have a positive effect on others and will create ripples effect.

Two, find the goodness in every person you meet. Yes, this task is difficult, but nothing is impossible with Christ’s help.

Three, keep the Spirit’s fire burning in your heart and soul. Trials in life can often douse that fire, but with commitment, you can keep it alight amidst struggles.

Four, avoid doing wrong deeds and every evil thing in the world. What are these? These don’t promote the Gospel of Christ.

Final Words

Christian living is not a privilege of Christianity. It is a commitment that God expects us to do. Amidst modern-day persecutions, you can live a life that aims to worship Christ in all aspects. Whether it’s a simple conversation with your neighbor or attending the Sunday worship, God wants us to be a model of a Christian’s life.

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