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4 Christian Cultures Common to Christians Worldwide

Christian culture refers to the traditions Christians recognize and accept. Since Christianity has many denominations, these traditions may vary from one place to another. Most of the time, one culture in one Christian community differs from another that is across the globe.

However, despite the differences, there are practices common to Christians, regardless of place. So, here is a list of these traditions:


Christ didn’t tell His Disciples to observe feast days. However, Christians all over the world observe three celebrations. These are Christmas, Easter, and the day of Pentecost.

Christmas Celebration

Some Christians observe Christmas day on December 25, while others celebrate it on January 6. Although no one knows the exact date of Jesus’ birth, Christians make it a point to celebrate this one particular day. Worldwide, December 25 is a national holiday, especially in Christian countries.

Easter Sunday

Easter celebration is the resurrection day of Jesus. Easter basket and the Easter egg are the symbolic associations of this important feast day. Some Christians prepare a grand celebration, complete with Easter egg hunting and Easter basket.

Others are solemnly celebrating the occasion where Christians prepare a simple prayer of thanksgiving and a simple feast. Generally, Easter is celebrated in March or April.

Day of the Pentecost

This religious festival is a commemoration of the descending of the Holy Spirit to the disciples, weeks after Christ’s resurrection. There’s no grand celebration compared to Christmas and Easter. Still, Christians celebrate this day, solemnly.


Christians pray whatever is the occasion. Whether it is a Christmas day or just an ordinary Monday, we begin our meal or celebration with a prayer. We even end every event with a prayer. Wherever we go and whatever we do, prayer is an essential part of our Christian life.

Christ commanded His disciples to come to God whenever they wish. The place and time are not important. Christ didn’t provide a template for prayers because He told His disciples that the important thing is what comes in their hearts. Today, we should use that same principle in saying our prayer.

Our prayer doesn’t matter how short or long it is. As long as we worship and thank God in our prayers, we are doing the right thing.


In the Bible, Christ commanded His disciples two essential rituals that they must carry on when He is gone. The first one is baptism, and the second is communion.

The baptism is a ritual made to signify a commitment to God. Thus, Christ didn’t say if the rite should be at birth or adulthood.

The Holy Communion is a sacred fellowship to commemorate the sacrificial love given to us. Christ commanded His disciples to perform this rite in His memory.


Fasting is one of the most controversial practices in Christianity. Christians interpret it differently. Some fast, avoiding all sorts of meat during Fridays. Other Christians don’t eat specific foods forty days before Easter.

In the Bible, Christ never mentions physical fasting. If you are going to read what Jesus said, He talked about sinful and evil actions. He said that we should fast from sinful behaviors because what makes a person unclean is not the food but his evil acts and thoughts.

Final Words

There are other Christian cultures unique to Christianity. Some are based on the Bible, while others are interpretations. These cultures vary, but the main objective is to glorify and worship God for His righteousness and greatness.

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