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4 Concepts to Remember When Dealing with Christian Sports

Christ never prohibited His disciples in engaging in sports or leaving Christian book reviews for young adults. We can’t find any instructions about Christian sports. Besides, the Bible has many inferences regarding sports.

For example, Paul mentions about running in such a way that you win the prize (1 Corinthians 9:24). This particular verse talks about how a runner trains for the prize. Using this analogy, he tells the people of Corinth to prepare for the reward awaiting us in heaven, not the worldly one.

Going back, sports as part of our Christian life is not prohibited technically. Why? Because games can provide a lot of benefits, physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually if used appropriately.

Although the Bible doesn’t prohibit sports to Christians, here are four concepts we have to keep in mind:

Play for God

Lose or win, God should be our only spectator. His opinion only matters, so we should play honestly. No rude gaming or cheating whatsoever because God sees it all. Of course, we play to win, but it shouldn’t be our top priority, spiritually.

Before every game, pray for the guidance of God. Always remember that God will always be with us regardless of the outcome of the game. The important thing is we did our best, and God will reward our efforts. If He thinks losing is our reward in a game, who are we to judge and complain? Perhaps, He wants us to see something beyond those loses.

If we are on the winning side, we should remember that we did it for the glory of God. We should remain humble because we wouldn’t be winners without God’s help.

Remember the Sabbath Day

Nowadays, Christian athletes have a hard time abiding by this principle. Often, gameplay schedules are set on Sundays, which is the day for worshiping God. In times of indecision, always become the light and make Sabbath day a priority.

First, let coaches know that your church performs worship services on Sundays. Second, you can attend other worship schedules if your church has it. God understands if you fail to miss once in a while. But still, use sports an opportunity to become a model Christian to your teammates.

Life isn’t Fair

Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Life has its share of unfairness. As an athlete, you know how hard it is to compete, train for the next schedule, and learn self-control. So, if you suddenly find yourself on the losing side, remember that life isn’t fair.

When this happens, always seek God’s guidance and grace to give you the strength to move on and accept defeat. Learn from these failures and strive for the best the next time. If you fail the second time around, there’s always the next time. In every failure, look at the mistakes you committed and see how you can improve them.

Everyone commits mistakes

Perfection is something we can attribute to Jesus. Thus, whatever is your status in life, everyone commits errors. You can even find numerous people in the Bible who commit the same mistakes as you did. However, they humbled themselves in front of God and asked for forgiveness for these

Final Words

Christian sports are physically rewarding and boost your morale. There’s nothing wrong about becoming an athlete in your school or community or giving Christian book reviews for young adults. The most important things you could do for God are to play for Him and attend the Sabbath day as your priority.

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