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4 Ways to Make Christian Missions Successful in Your Church

Christian missions aim to preach the Gospel of Christ to non-believers. Most often, these missions are overseas and target people with a different religion or no religion.

The success of a mission is not putting up a building where converts gather to worship God. It is about preaching the Gospel, despite the constraints.

So, here’s our list of four simple ways in making a Christian mission a successful one:

Use the Bible as a Guide

You have the Bible to guide you in your daily dealings with conflict and misery. You can use it also in handling church missions. The Bible is full of encouraging words, ways to handle disputes that arise during missions. From Genesis to the Book of Revelation, you can read about how God will lead His people who obey Him or how He punishes those who rebel and become proud of earthly things.

God commanded His children to live a faithful life. Christ taught His disciples to pray faithfully. These simple words from God the Father and the Son can bring you and your Church mission success you’ll never imagine.

The objective of Christian Missions is spiritual growth

The primary aim of a Christian mission is to teach the Gospel of Christ and grow in spirit. You can never call your church missions as successful endeavors if the new believers don’t have a deep and intimate relationship with God.

At first, converts question everything you preach them. Thus, your missionaries should know how to explain without forgetting the primary objective. They should commit to staying longer than necessary for them to achieve spiritual growth.

Do Christian missions for the glory of God

Remember, your Church is doing these missions for the glory of God. Only God can give the terms for these missions. Send missionaries to foreign lands to places God wants you to reach with the Gospel, not because your Church needs to expand in number.

If your objective is not for the glory of God, you can never evangelize other people. Why? Because God won’t bless the missions. He won’t enlighten the people who don’t believe it. Your missions will suffer loses, instead of gains, similar to what God did to Israelites when they disobeyed Him.

Support Your Christian Missions

Indeed, God will protect and guide you when your Church does Christian missions for His glory. However, it doesn’t mean you forget supporting your missions. Many missions fail because their church forgets to send appropriate help. Remember, your church missions are still dealing with people and external factors like expenses, monthly rents, or food.

Final Words

God will be your provider, but your church has to do its part in sending financial and moral support to your missions. You can send short-term missionaries who can help your long-term church workers in their missions. Don’t forget to ask your long-term missionaries the things or workforce they need. The last thing you would want is to send help that isn’t appropriate or isn’t equipped with the right skills.

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