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5 Characteristics of a Good Christian Family

5 Characteristics of a Good Christian Family

One day, you decided to write about a book on what it means to have a strong Christian family. However, what is the characteristics of a good Christian family? Before we proceed with the list, we define the purpose of why God created a family.

A strong Christian family is the building block of every society, regardless of status and race. God wants us to become successful in building our family. A Christian family could be our source of strength, emotional support, love, and protection.

Now, that we have the basic elements covered, let’s proceed to the five characteristics of a good Christian family.

Christian Family Quality Time

When we think of quality time, we often reflect on doing shared activities such as going in the park for a picnic, watching events, or eating meals together. It often involves “big things done once a week or maybe once a month.” However, family quality time doesn’t necessarily mean about these things.

To build a long-lasting strong relationship is to spend time with our Christian family even if it involves ordinary, daily activities. No matter how busy we are, we should find time to talk with our family by the end of the day.

Expression of Sincere Appreciation

Appreciation is two-way communication between Christian family members. You express it and, at the same time, feel appreciated. Expression of sincere appreciation builds confidence and spiritual growth among members. A simple thank you of the tasks done is one way to do it.

Appreciation also involves telling how special your family members are. Tell them their greatest qualities as part of the family. A simple saying of “I love you” will do wonders in building a lasting relationship.

Spiritual Commitment

A Christian family also experiences trials and disagreements. They suffer unemployment. They have misunderstandings. However, a Christian family stays together because of their commitment to stay strong through bad and good times. They don’t give up on each other.

Constructive Communication

A Christian family has the freedom to talk in a nice, constructive way. When issues arise, each member is allowed to talk about it without getting prejudiced. Each member is required to learn how to be honest and open.

No false accusations or conclusions are allowed during constructive communication. Listening is a skill that everyone has to foster. When a family member seeks help, anyone can give pieces of advice without imposing that what he or she says must be followed.

Resolution of Conflicts

Every family experiences conflicts because of human nature. Even Christian families also have these moments. However, they talk and resolve these conflicts. They don’t let emotions get in the way.


Like other families, a Christian family experiences conflicts and misunderstandings. However, they use the teachings of Christ to strengthen their bond. They don’t let human nature prevail when resolving conflicts.

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