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5 Reasons Christian Theology is Important in Your Christian Life

Christian theology is boring, according to many. However, there’s nothing dull about the word of God or creating Christian book marketing reviews. Besides, theology is vital in your Christian life. So, before you ditch the idea of studying Christian theology, read our list of three reasons theology is essential in your Christian life.

Christian Theology is knowing God and understanding His will.

First, let’s define theology. Theology comes from the two Greek words, “theo” and logia. Broadly, it means the study of god and religions that believe in one God, such as Christianity. As you can see, we didn’t use the capital G, so let’s use Christian theology to refer to the “study of God.”

Studying theology doesn’t require scholarly education. Christians should treat it as an intimate journey with God. With Christian theology, you can enhance your knowledge of God through the Bible and other scholarly books. It deepens your understanding of His will. Sometimes, reading the Bible raises many questions, which is a natural reaction, especially for inquisitive minds. Theology answers some of the underlying questions about the truth of the Bible.

Christian theology is part of your responsibilities as a Christian. You should use theology in support of studying the word of God.

Christian Theology quenches your thirst for the truth.

You have been reading the word of God since you knew how to read. Throughout these years, you have so many questions. The more you read, the more you thirst for the truth. Christian theology can help you quench that thirst.

Christian Theology tells the greatest love story.

God sent His only begotten Son for the salvation of the world. Then, Christ died for all of us. That’s how much God loves His creation, and the Bible tells this highest kind of love ever. With Christian theology, you can learn in-depth about this story. You’ll discover the sacrificial love bestowed upon humanity.

Christian Theology helps you discover the truth.

If fake news is rampant nowadays, false doctrine is no different. People who pretend they have studied the word of God will use your naiveté to lure into believing false doctrine, especially if you don’t take the time to read the Bible. However, with theology, you can protect yourself against these people who use the word of God to gather followers for their sect.

Christian Theology helps us combat evil.

In this world full of misery and woe, evil lurks from the corners, waiting for a slight slip from you. However, a constant study of the word of God can help you recognize when sin is at work. With your knowledge, you’ll know how to handle situations that arise from bad decisions. Most importantly, you can fight evil head-on.

Final Words

Christian theology is important in your Christian life. Whether you study it at a university or include it in your Christian book marketing reviews, it is your responsibility to know more about God. With this knowledge, you can combat evil and handle hard situations as a result of bad decisions. Christian theology makes you wiser.

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