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6 Tips for a Successful Christian Writing Career

A talent for Christian writing is a God-given gift. Enhance this talent or maybe pursue it. If you’re planning to pursue a Christian writing career, here are our tips to become successful.

Read the Bible

If you want inspiration, make the Bible as your reference. The Bible includes Scriptures from authors who believe a Messiah is coming and from those who encountered Christ, the Savior. Aside from these teachings, the Bible consists of historical events that you can find in reference books. It also contains lyrical hymns.

When you read the Bible daily, you’re increasing your chance of thinking a fantastic topic to write about. Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, take advantage of what’s in the Bible.

Be Inquisitive

Don’t be afraid to raise questions about the Bible and the teachings of Christ. Raising questions clarifies any misunderstanding you might have with the teachings of Christ. You can ask these questions in Bible study groups or directly to your pastor and church leaders. Some church leaders like it when their members asked relevant questions about the Christian faith.

Develop Christian Writing Habits

When you search about writing habits, you’re bombarded with so much information that it’s hard to know which one works. Remember, one technique might not be suitable for your style. Instead, develop Christian writing habits that are in accordance with your personality.

Examples of writing habits may include writing a specific number of words daily, bringing pen and paper for writing ideas, and maintaining an idea file. Whatever these habits are, always commit to God, so He blesses you with abundance.

Be Active in Your Christian Community

If you want your writing to be believable, especially if you’re writing fiction, expose yourself to your church community. Participate in Bible studies. Become a member of your Church’s worship ministry. Join the outreach program in your Church. In short, be active.

Your experiences with real people enhance your writing style, especially in building the characters in your story.

Look for Book Reviews from a Christian view

Book reviews are fantastic tools for budding Christian writers. These book reviews can help you establish your credibility and know the “faults” in your writing. These faults could be a grammar lapse you didn’t notice or a simple formatting error that can affect the aesthetic quality of your book.

Never Give Up

People out there are waiting for a chance to learn about Christ. You may not know it, but your words can influence one weary soul, especially if you’re sincere. With our world stricken and full of miseries, many people are thirsty to know the truth.

Final Words

Being a Christian writer could be a career, but most notably, it is a divine vocation that Christ bestows upon you. You may not have the exemplary skills of a great writer at the beginning. However, with development and guidance from God, you can succeed in your endeavor. Don’t give up and don’t be afraid to question your faith. Also, don’t forget to seek professional help, such as editing and book reviews.

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