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7 Things to Ask God in Your Christian Prayer

Prayer is a communication Christians used to talk to God. It is vital to the growth of one’s Christian faith. Anyone can use it on every occasion or any time of the day.

In the Bible, Jesus taught us to pray and the things to ask from God. Here are seven important things you should include in your prayer.


Love is easy when everything around you is going according to your plan. However, there’s no perfection in this world. Every day, Christians experience hardship, struggles, and persecution. Through these days, your love for God is tested. Through these trials, you grow and become mature as a child of God.

Thus, every Christian must ask for love and walk in love. Through God’s grace, you can manifest the overflowing love of God to other people, believers, or not.  Make the love of God a daily commitment to your Christian life.

Spirit of Wisdom

Reading the Scriptures alone isn’t enough. You must have the spirit of wisdom to understand what Christ wanted you to know about God. Through the spirit of wisdom, you can understand God better and clearer.

Living as a Christian in this world is a complicated task. Thus, you must always ask for wisdom so that you can see through the midst of temptation. Moreover, this wisdom will help you know when to apply the words of God you read in the Scriptures. It gives you practical insights.

Fellowship with the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is a gift from God. As part of your divine calling as Christians, you should strive to have an intimate fellowship with the Holy Spirit. This intimacy will help you interpret the Scriptures and use what you discover in evangelism.

The Holy Spirit will be your armor against persecution and temptation. It will be your guide in achieving maturity that God expects you to obtain throughout your ministry.


Every Christian should feel compassion towards other people, especially those who need spiritual healing. Without compassion, it’s hard to act kindly to those who are lost and hurting from the inside.

Thus, as part of your daily Christian prayer, you should ask God to give you a compassionate heart. Through compassion, you can win the hearts of the lost and evangelize them with the words of Christ.


Commitment is an essential Christian value that you should instill in your hearts. This value will help you nurture the gift that God gave you. It is especially vital in continuing what Christ and His disciples had started.

Therefore, always ask God to give you the commitment needed for the success of His church and evangelism.

Understanding God’s will

Understanding God’s will is another complex task for Christians. Sometimes, the will of God gets confusing. You don’t recognize it at first hand. That’s why you must ask God’s guidance in understanding His plans for you.


Every day, you experience pains and struggles that test your faith. During those troubles, it’s easy to slip and drown with negative emotions. These emotions make you forget how strong God’s love is. Regardless of the trials, you must remain vigilant and ask God to give you strength and help you stay faithful.

Final Words

Being a Christian is not easy. You need to read the Scriptures. Most importantly, communicate to God and pray for strength, faithfulness, compassion, commitment, understanding, and wisdom.

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