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9 Characteristics Modern Christian Men Should Possess

Although Christian women are gaining equal rights when it comes to preaching the Gospel of God, Christian men are still the pillars of our Church.

Many believers still look up to a man church leader. As part of a Christian congregation, Christian men should have these characteristics to become a model Christian, whether you’re a church leader, a husband, or a single.

Courage to Speak Out

In times of trouble, it’s easier to be quiet than to tell the truth. However, a godly Christian man will always have the courage to speak the truth.

God will reward such a courageous personality. You might gain enemies in this world. However, it’s better to make enemies in your fellow men than make God your enemy.

Servant Leadership

Serve the Lord God with all your heart, soul, and body. Whether you’re a pastor or a youth leader, you should strive for servant leadership.

Leading fellow believers is a difficult task because you’ll need to guide them towards salvation.


You will meet people who will challenge your faith, who will attack and criticize your commitment. When this happens, stand firm. God is with you, and He made you healthy so that you can defend Him and your faith.

Most notably, be strong in times of trials. During these days, Satan will try to persuade you to give up.


There’s a difference between humility and belittling yourself. Humility is thinking and talking about yourself less. Belittling is when you talk down and think negatively about yourself.

For example, when you succeed in something, don’t go bragging about it. Instead, let God do the bragging. He will let others see the good deeds you’ve done for Him. That’s how God works in your life.

Excellent Work Ethics

Of course, you also need to work for your family and the Church causes. Having an excellent work ethic will benefit you and the people around you. People will respect you and will look up to you.

Overflowing Love

Your overflowing love for Christ and people will help you withstand whatever trials will come your way. This same love will enable you to spread the Good News to those who need it.


God blesses a generous giver a thousand folds. Aside from your monthly tithes or offering, be generous to people who need material things, be it financial or in kind.

When you give, it doesn’t mean you have to give everything. Giving without expecting in return certainly attracts positivity in your community and your Church. Generous giving encourages other people to give, too.


Being responsible is the willingness to accept accountability for his actions. It is a sign of maturity. It means you aren’t afraid to face the consequences of your wrong decisions.


Honesty is vital in any relationship because it builds trust. This trust is the foundation of a strong and healthy relationship. When people trust you, they respect you.

Final Words

Being well-rounded Christian men requires work and living up to the expectation of God. You can use society’s standards of becoming a good Christian, but your ultimate guide should be what God what you to be. You can find that in the Bible.

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