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About Christian Review Books

Although we as a company do not interfere with what rating a reviewer gives a book, as the rating must be what the reviewer feels is appropriate, we do monitor the average ratings of our reviewers to ensure they are being fair and honest about their ratings to maintain the integrity of our reviews.

Who We Are!

We are a team of Christian readers and reviewers; we are not all literary experts, but regular readers with a passion for reading and helping new and established authors with honest reviews of their work.

If a book receives less than 4 stars no official review is given. Instead, the reviewer will write constructive criticism to let the author know what problems they had with the book and offer any suggestions they may have to improve it. This will be about the size of a regular review and will be sent to the author privately; it will not be posted publicly. We are here to help authors, not hurt them.


Anthony Marnell
Anthony Marnell
Enlisting the services of Yeral and his wonderful team was a Godsend for me as a Christian author. I am so glad the LORD led me to Yeral. It was wonderful to have my book reviewed by a committed Christian such as staff member Wendee, who reviewed my book. She gave a very insightful and brutally honest review of my book and was able to distill the essence of my book in her review, giving readers a candid view of what to expect in my book. My book is like a coconut with a hard outer-shell and soft, succulent fruit on the inside. And Wendee was able to discern that and capture that in her review. Kudos to her and kudos to Yeral for pleasantly surprising me with the amount of social media and website coverage for my book. I cannot recommend any higher the services provided by Yeral and his team and wish them Godspeed in their endeavors to advance the kingdom of God.
Carolyn Hollier
Carolyn Hollier
My experience working with Yeral E. Ogando, CEO of has been excellent. I prayed for God’s direction when looking for a suitable Christian translating service, and as usual God enabled me to hit a bullseye when I engaged this company. Translating Christian material requires the work of those who truly know Jesus personally along with His Word. Christian-Translation provides this level of service. Additionally, Yeral’s connections around the world are formidable and his team of translators have produced high quality work for me every time. More than just the face of a company, I believe that Yeral truly has a heart to see the Gospel and other Biblically sound material make its way to people of all nations and languages. He is faithful to see a project complete in full because He believes in reaching people for Christ. Along with translated material, Yeral also created and designed a beautiful website for my ministry and took the time to put together a ‘user manual for dummies’ (minus the ‘dummies’ part), so that I could begin to understand and explore my site, giving me the power to edit and add the site whenever I desired. All at no extra cost! I am excited to see what the Lord has for my ministry, now and in the future, as I continue to work in conjunction with the professional, devoted and sincere translating teams and CEO of
Armeen Titha
Armeen TithaReader
I really enjoyed reading several of your books. I am blessed that I am able to find Christian books that impact me. I am sure, these books will impact others, as they have done in me. Keep up the good work and keep me posted for any new material to read. I love to read Christian books.
Joseph Taylor
Joseph TaylorChristian Writer
You guys have been an incredible team for my books and the process of reviewing them, editing them and publishing. I am impressed. Great service. I will definitely be back to request several reviews for my books from you guys. Awesome teams.

Our Staff

Review Christian Books

Excellent Christian Reviewers and avid Christian readers ready to plunge themselves into your writing.

We will review any Christian book from any genre you may have from Christian manuscripts, published & unpublished Christian booksChristian eBooksChristian audio booksChristian Fiction and non-fiction, Christian Short stories and more.

Your review will be posted on our site. You can also post our review in your Amazon Editorial Reviews section. Or we can post your review in as a verified purchase or non-verified (contact us for more details).

Your review will be indexed by major search engine like Google.

Our Values

We read your book

We know that a Book Review is Not a Book Report, that is why we read your book very well before providing you with our review. We go beyond your writing style and we look for the message you are trying to share and how well you’ve manged to do so. That is our main goal.

We avoid any Theological Attack

We understand that you might have a biblical background and approach; we respect that. We put our main effort on your hard work and how your message is presented to touch others for His Kingdom. You received a call to write your book so others can listen to your message.

We are not Grammar Judas

We understand that our authors are Christians, not perfect machines, we don’t focus our reviews in typos and we don’t mention them in our reviews. We know how expensive editing can be and in top of that, we might still find some typos, but we focus on your message.

Our Christian Reviews rating system

We use a standard 5 star rating system and only post reviews we have awarded a 4 or 5 star rating. Our goal is to help authors with positive advertising for their books and to provide insightful reviews to help readers find the perfect book by a new or established Christian author.

As long as it is a Christian related book, we can review it. We also have book reviewing services into other languages. Contact us for reviews in another language.

Professional cover design, nice table of contents and interesting chapter headings.

The characters of a book should be well defined. The tone should be consistent, the theme should be clear, and the plot should be original or told from a unique perspective.

How effectively you told or presented your story. The dialogue should be realistic, the descriptions should be vivid, and the material should be concise and coherent. The development of your story can have a huge impact on the reader’s understanding and enjoyment of the material.

The way you describe scenes, display dialogue, and shift point of view can make or break your story. Excessive grammatical errors and typos can even put off readers completely.

The reviewer takes into account all these elements and describes the overall reading experience. Reviewer provides you with comments or possible suggestions on your book for improvement.