Enlisting the services of Yeral and his wonderful team was a Godsend for me as a Christian author.

I am so glad the LORD led me to Yeral. It was wonderful to have my book reviewed by a committed Christian such as staff member Wendee, who reviewed my book.

She gave a very insightful and brutally honest review of my book and was able to distill the essence of my book in her review, giving readers a candid view of what to expect in my book.

My book is like a coconut with a hard outer-shell and soft, succulent fruit on the inside. And Wendee was able to discern that and capture that in her review.

Kudos to her and kudos to Yeral for pleasantly surprising me with the amount of social media and website coverage for my book.

I cannot recommend any higher the services provided by Yeral and his team and wish them Godspeed in their endeavors to advance the kingdom of God.


—Anthony Marnell

The Sons of God

Anthony Marnell, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07WG69CVX

My experience working with Yeral E. Ogando, CEO of christian-translation.com has been excellent.


I prayed for God’s direction when looking for a suitable Christian translating service, and as usual God enabled me to hit a bullseye when I engaged this company.


Translating Christian material requires the work of those who truly know Jesus personally along with His Word. Christian-Translation provides this level of service. Additionally, Yeral’s connections around the world are formidable and his team of translators have produced high quality work for me every time.


More than just the face of a company, I believe that Yeral truly has a heart to see the Gospel and other Biblically sound material make its way to people of all nations and languages. He is faithful to see a project complete in full because He believes in reaching people for Christ.


Along with translated material, Yeral also created and designed a beautiful website for my ministry and took the time to put together a ‘user manual for dummies’ (minus the ‘dummies’ part), so that I could begin to understand and explore my site, giving me the power to edit and add the site whenever I desired. All at no extra cost!


I am excited to see what the Lord has for my ministry, now and in the future, as I continue to work in conjunction with the professional, devoted and sincere translating teams and CEO of christian-translation.com



A Rapture Analysis

Carolyn Hollier, Writer

I really enjoyed reading several of your books. I am blessed that I am able to find Christian books that impact me. I am sure, these books will impact others, as they have done in me. Keep up the good work and keep me posted for any new material to read. I love to read Christian books.

Armeen Titha, Reader

You guys have been an incredible team for my books and the process of reviewing them, editing them and publishing. I am impressed. Great service. I will definitely be back to request several reviews for my books from you guys. Awesome teams.

Joseph Taylor, Christian Writer.