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Amazing Facts about the Gospel of Mark

Amazing Facts about the Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark is one of the four canonical gospels in the Bible. The other Gospels are Luke, Matthew, and John. Mark is the shortest gospels among the four. So, here are some surprising facts about the Gospel of Mark

Mark has alternative endings.

According to historians and theologians, the Gospel of Mark is somewhat deficient in its endings. The original Greek text contained 16 chapters. However, the last chapter had only eight verses.

Because of this, the first believers who translated the Gospel added a few more verses to make up the deficiency. They added verses 9 to 20. When you read these verses, these came from different gospels.

Mark was the earliest Gospels.

For years, Christians believed that Matthew and Luke are the earliest among the four Gospels. However, in the 19th Century, scholars found out that the Gospel of Mark was written during the Nero period, around 70 BC.

On the other hand, Matthew and Luke were written sometime after 70BC. Thus, the authors of the two Gospels used Mark as their source document.

Mark accounts for a unique parable.

Christ used parables to teach His disciples about the kingdom of God, and Mark related a unique parable that wasn’t found in the other Gospels. This is the Parable of the Growing seed found in Mark 4: 26 to 29.

In this parable, Jesus likened the kingdom of God to a seed. For it to grow, man has to scatter the seeds. Whether he likes it or not, the seed will grow and be ready for harvesting.

Mark didn’t include Jesus’ genealogy.

Unlike Matthew and Luke, Mark did not account for any natal stories or the parentage of Jesus. The Gospel started when Jesus went to John the Baptist for a baptism ritual.

Mark tells the life of Jesus and His ministries, His miracles, and His suffering. Ironically, Mark didn’t discuss any sightings of Jesus after a “young man” told Mary Magdalene, Mary, and Salome about Jesus’ plans of going to Galilee and meeting His disciples.

Mark accounted for 20 miracle stories.

The Gospel has the most number of accounted miracles performed by Jesus. In those healings, Jesus used spittle and His hands to cure the sick. During those times, these actions are considered magic, which was forbidden.  The high priests used this against Jesus.

Mark’s style of writing is full of action.

Mark makes Christ look like a superhero. The Gospel focuses on actions instead of dialogue. In the original text, Mark used the word “euthus” many times. The word “euthus” is a Greek one, which means “immediately.”

Final Words

The Gospel of Mark might be the shortest of all the Gospel but still talks about Christ, the Savior. Mark is preaching the word of Christ as part of his calling as Christ’s disciples.

We might not know why Mark had ended his writing that way. There might be a reason for that. However, one thing is clear. Jesus rose from the dead as a fulfillment to His promise.

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