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4 Ways to Make Christian Missions Successful in Your Church

Christian missions aim to preach the Gospel of Christ to non-believers. Most often, these missions are overseas and target people with a different religion or no religion. The success of a mission is not putting up a building where converts gather to worship God. It is about preaching the Gospel, despite the constraints. So, here’s…
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4 Concepts to Remember When Dealing with Christian Sports

Christ never prohibited His disciples in engaging in sports or leaving Christian book reviews for young adults. We can’t find any instructions about Christian sports. Besides, the Bible has many inferences regarding sports. For example, Paul mentions about running in such a way that you win the prize (1 Corinthians 9:24). This particular verse talks…
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7 Reasons A Christian Believer Should Study Church History

Church history has a vital role in the development of Christianity. Thus, knowing about it is also essential in our growth as a Christian. So, here are seven reasons that a Christian should know and study church history. Church history provides perspective Understanding the current church dilemma is impossible if we don’t have any knowledge…
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8 Genres in Christian Literature That You Can Write

What is Christian literature? It doesn’t have a unique meaning. Writing good Christian literature is the same as writing non-Christian topics. The rules are the same, except that its main objective is to evangelize people, whether explicitly or implied. So, here are the eight genres of Christian literature that you can write. Poetry The Bible…
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