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Best Christian Book Reviews: Evangelism and 8 Facts About It

Best Christian Book Reviews: Evangelism and 8 Facts About It

Evangelism is the preaching of God’s word publicly. You can evangelize through written or nonverbal methods. In written evangelism, you can use the best Christian book reviews to support your evangelistic efforts.

8 Facts about Evangelism

Evangelism is one of the most misunderstood concepts of the Christian faith. Here’s our list of 8 facts to dispel misunderstandings.

It stems from a biblical understanding

Biblical understanding is critical in evangelism. Without truly understanding our biblical purpose, we won’t succeed in evangelizing other people. It’s easier for us to lose focus on what is right and wrong.

It is often labeled wrongfully

Evangelism is not as simple as giving testimonies. It is not the same as doing well to others. These are supports to evangelism. It means that don’t equate the Gospel with the fruits of the Gospel.

It involves preaching the Gospel

Why do you think Apostle Paul wrote so many epistles to the believers in Christ? The epistle aims to preach the Gospel because we aren’t meant to figure it on our own. We can’t understand something that we haven’t heard.

It persuades other people

When we preach the Good News to the non-believers, our main purpose is to persuade to believe what we believe. However, it’s not easy as we think it is. During the process, we’ll encounter objections. We should use these to create a strategy and a model to persuade a potential convert, a true Christian.

It doesn’t flourish in evangelistic programs

We should veer away from evangelistic programs. Interestingly, these programs might even hurt our evangelistic efforts. The key here is to practice freedom, develop a culture of evangelism.

The church is designed for evangelism

Having a congregation is an opportunity to evangelize people. Combined with the culture of evangelism, our evangelistic efforts will succeed.

Right practices and attitudes strengthen the culture of evangelism

What are the right practices and attitudes for strengthening the culture of evangelism? We should view it as a spiritual discipline, instead of a program to follow. We evangelize because we desire to grow as a church and most importantly as children of Christ.

It requires model from the Church

How can a member of the Church evangelize other people if the pastor doesn’t even initiate the evangelism? Thus, the models must be pastors. Our pastors are our leaders. They should be the first to shout to the world about the Christian faith. Otherwise, evangelism won’t be successful.


As we have said in the first part, evangelism could be a written or spoken effort. As a Christian, we have the calling to evangelize. It doesn’t have to grand as most people do. Simple writing and preaching the word of God is also helpful.

Remember if you decided to write evangelistic writing, we can help you by providing the best Christian book reviews. These reviews will create credibility to your writing.

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