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You can advertise your book and website with us for a very few bucks per month. We only charge 15.00 USD (6 months) per each website listed below with the exception of one: (60.00 USD every 6 months) "for this one, we will need price of the book…
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8 Genres in Christian Literature That You Can Write

What is Christian literature? It doesn’t have a unique meaning. Writing good Christian literature is the same as writing non-Christian topics. The rules are the same, except that its main objective is to evangelize people, whether explicitly or implied. So, here are the eight genres of Christian literature that you can write. Poetry The Bible…
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6 Tips for a Successful Christian Writing Career

A talent for Christian writing is a God-given gift. Enhance this talent or maybe pursue it. If you’re planning to pursue a Christian writing career, here are our tips to become successful. Read the Bible If you want inspiration, make the Bible as your reference. The Bible includes Scriptures from authors who believe a Messiah…
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We have the finest Christian book review programs in all the world

We have the finest Christian book review programs in all the world This is the confidence we at have in our Christian book review programs. We will answer any Christian book review questions or concerns you have. Let’s face it having your Christian book reviewed is a very big and personal step. You just…
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