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5 Things You Need to Start Christian Biography for Christian Nonfiction Book Reviews

5 Things You Need to Write Christian Biography

Christian biography is non-fiction writing about the life of a particular person. This person is often a Christian who is influential in a spiritual way to other people.

Contrary to belief, Christian biography is quite easier to write than most genres. You can publish a memoir and be successful with Christian nonfiction book reviews to back up your writing.

What do you need to start writing?

  • Your purpose for writing
  • A writing template
  • A person’s life
  • Your Bible
  • Writing forum

Purposeful Writing

Christian biographies are written for different purposes and include some confessions of some sort. Some writers create one as profiles of praise, as historical research. The bio can also be evangelical, written to inspire other people.

Your purpose will help you jumpstart writing a biography of your chosen subject. It also aids in finding the right template to use during the process of writing.

Writing Template

Is there a need for a writing template? Yes, because it helps you to determine if you’re going to write a short or a long-form biography. The writing template aids what questions to ask, what aspect of a person’s life to write, and so on.

In short, a template is a basic outline of your biography. It speeds up the process. You can download one from the internet. If a writing template isn’t available online, you can read biographies to create a pattern and eventually make your customized template.

Person to Feature

It doesn’t necessarily mean a person to interview in person. You could interview a person through written correspondence or phone. If the person is long gone, then, extensive research will do.

A biography often discusses a person’s entire life or a specific part of their life. It usually accounts a moment of adversity where the person withstands every struggle imaginable.

Alternatively, you can write about his or her relationship with other people and the community. Whatever your purpose is, the biography should address a central theme about Christian experience.

Bible for Reference

Christian biography is incomplete without a reference to a Bible verse. Often, influential people like pastors, deaconesses, and lay leaders have a favorite verse that is the basis of their life or actions.

You can also use verses to support your writing. You can place these references in three ways. One, incorporate the references within the biography. Two, write it below each page as footnotes. Three, put these Bible references as endnotes.

Writing Forum

Join a Christian writer’s forum. Mingling with like-minded writers can have a positive effect on your writing. It can add dimension to your work because you can learn new facts that you can use to write a biography.

You can get constructive criticism that you can use to improve your writing. Some forums have writer’s workshops, and members can access these workshops. You can also use a writer’s forum to verify some accounts or events.

Tips for Writing a Successful Christian Biography

  • Establish a writing goal so you can increase your productivity.
  • Practice discipline and set a reasonable time to finish several pages.
  • Verify anecdotes before including them in the biography.
  • Get Christian nonfiction book reviews for your final output


Christian biography is a great tool to write about a person’s life to inspire others. In publishing it, you might need Christian nonfiction book reviews. View our sample of Christian book reviews on our website.

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