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Christian Books Reviews Online and Christian Apologetics

Christian Books Reviews Online and Christian Apologetics

Christian apologetics doesn’t mean to apologize. Apologetics comes from the Greek word, apologia, which means verbal defense.

Thus, Christian apologetics is writing that defends the Christian faith against objections or accusations. According to the Bible, it is a divine calling to write one for Christianity, to defend Christ to those who persecute Him.

Christian apologetics can benefit from book reviews with Christian perspectives. How? You’ll learn more in the latter part of this article. Let’s discuss first the purposes of Christian apologetics.

Purposes of Christian Apologetics

Christian apologetics has three purposes, depending on construction.

Positive Apologetics

This writing shows the rational side of Christianity. You can use arguments, philosophy, historical evidence or science to show or provide proof about the power of Christian faith or the true existence of the Resurrection. Christian faith is more powerful than other belief systems in the world.

Negative Apologetics

This apologetics can be done in two ways. First, you deconstruct an opposing belief by citing inaccuracies, flaws, among other things. Two, you write a defense against an attack to the Christian faith.

Non-believers will always attack the Christian faith, citing that there are many contradictions within the Bible. You can defend it by using historical facts that weren’t included in the Bible. Remember, historical accounts about Jesus would always be present outside the Bible because Jesus was real and will always be.

Offensive Apologetics

This writing focuses on “attacking” other beliefs and citing the accuracies as opposed to the Christian faith.

The fourth Function: Persuasion

Some Christian writers would like to add persuasion as the fourth purpose or function. They believe that apologetics has the power to persuade individuals about the Christian faith.

The Next Phase

Now, you have a basic understanding of the differences between Christian apologetics. Let’s proceed on the next phase of writing the apologetics.

No, we’re not going to talk about the process of writing but on the phase after it, the reviews. We will talk about the process of Christian writing in upcoming articles. So, stay tuned for that.

How Can Help You?

We are talking about the Christian books reviews online. With these review services, we can help you with your Christian apologetics. Before you publish it for your readers, we recommend that you have it reviewed by experts.

Our expert reviewers will make recommendations on how to improve your Christian apologetics. Nope, we’re not going to recommend that you change the overall theme of your writing.

Our feedback will dwell on the specific purpose of your apologetics. Does it conform to the construction? If not, we will tell you in private.

We don’t allow skimming to our reviewers. We request them to read the book in whole, so they get to know more about your book.

We refrain from attacking your theological expertise. However, if our reviewers see some inconsistencies, they might point it out to you. You might overlook those inconsistencies.

We have a lot more to offer. Send us a message and we will get back to you, immediately


Sometimes, Christian apologetics requires specific expertise but with our help and our Christian books reviews online, you can publish polished writing that’ll serve its purpose, that is, to defend the Christian faith.

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