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Christian Commentary: A Reformed Christian Book Reviews

Christian Commentary: A Reformed Christian Book Reviews

In, our Christian based book reviews include fiction, biography, and Christian commentaries. However, what is a Christian or Bible commentary?

Christian Commentary Definition

It is a non-fiction writing that explains and interprets the Scriptures in the Bible. Pastors and reverends often write this because of their theological background.

However, we believe that anyone can create a Christian commentary based on their understanding of the Scriptures. With extensive research and the desire to explain the Holy Word, you can write an excellent Christian commentary.

Purpose of Christian Commentaries

Christian commentary provides a reader with an insight into the Scripture. It includes notes, analysis, historical background, and illustration.

Commentaries are used alongside the Bible. Some commentaries include the Bible text, wherein in a page, half of it is dedicated to the Bible text and the other half is the commentary.

Types of Christian Commentaries

We can categorize Christian or Bible commentaries into four.

Expository Commentary

Pastors and Bible teachers write this type of commentary. This commentary includes teaching notes, outlines, and practical applications. Often, authors use the versification method to analyze the Scripture. Versification means a verse-by-verse study of the Scriptures.

Exegetical Commentary

Theologians and Bible scholars write exegetical commentaries. Often, these writings are academic and technical in nature. Authors concentrate on the language, context, and grammar of the original text of the Bible.

Devotional Commentary

It is intended for readers who seek practical application of the Scriptures. It is more emotional in nature than expository and exegetical. Devotional commentary targets the soul and the heart. This commentary is more common than the two previously mentioned.

Cultural Commentaries

It dwells on the cultural background of the Scripture during its writing. It aims to provide a better understanding of the cultures that surround and affect the actions of the authors of the Bible books. Sometimes, knowledge of the cultural background can aid authors in writing an exegetical or expository commentary.

Online Resources

Twenty years ago, Christian commentaries were limited to published prints. You can buy one if you visit a bookstore. Now, commentaries are also available online. You can even read fantastic Christian based book reviews about a Christian commentary.

How can Help You?

We can create reformed Christian book reviews for your published or unpublished Christian commentary. If you worry about the theological attack, don’t be. We review based on what is written and how your writing can inspire people.

We also have services on editing. If you aren’t confident about your grammar and style, we can help you improve your Christian commentary. Our rates are the most affordable, so it’s great for budding writers like you.

What to Expect from Our Reviews?

  • An objective method of reviewing
  • A positive rating from us
  • Limited negative feedback
  • Summary of the good points
  • Recommendations

If you have questions, you can contact us through our website.


Christian commentary inspires, provides insights, and explains the Scripture. Although pastors and theologians write commentaries, anyone who has the desire to explain the word of God can start a commentary. Moreover, we can give you Christian based book reviews for your Christian commentary.

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