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Are you a book’s lover? Are you always looking for a great book to read? Don’t just read it, let others know what you think! You always enjoy the pleasure of reading a good Christian book. Well, we have great news for you. What would you say if we tell you that you can get paid for reading the books you love? Isn’t it awesome? We receive amazing books on a regular basis from Christian authors, because they want us to read and review their books. You can be one of our reviewer. Once you create your profile as a reviewer, you will see the Christian books available for reading and reviewing. You will also have information about the author from their picture and biography to link to their social media sites and even a link to contact the author directly. The process is very simple. Continue doing what you love (reading books) and get a compensation for your reviews. You can also read the reviews from other reviewers, click on the purchase link, buy your own copy, notify the author and make your own comments to the reviews about the book or the story. Wait, that’s not all. What about if you don’t have to pay for a book? If you see a book and you would like to read it, just to share your comments, you can check our Free E-books section or contact us with the title of the book you want to read.

If you have a passion for reading Christin Books and a desire to help Christian authors and their readers, then we would love to have you on the Review Christian Books team! We do require that you have good writing skills so that you can recognize the quality of the work you are reviewing. You need to be willing to review digital versions of books, which can be read on your computer or e-reader (Kindle, iPad, etc.) because we only accept digital books for review. Our customers will either submit their work through our system, which will be ready for download on your member’s area or provide with the link information for purchasing the books.

You now have the opportunity to read incredible Christian stories and guess what! Get paid for it. Make sure you register so you can start reading incredible stories. As a Christian Book Reviewer, you will carefully read the stories and share your understanding, impressions, what you like and possibly what you did not like about a story. We encourage all our reviewers to post only positive feedback. If at any time, you find a story that for some reason is not ready to receive a positive feedback, make sure to make annotations and comments to share with the customers, but never post a negative feedback. We are here to help Christian authors get good honest reviews and at the same time, improve their writings in the process.

Read very careful author’s requirements and packages, that way you will know if it is a must to post your review in or just upload it to the server for customer’s download.

All our reviews are posted in network of website, you, and the author will post them some other places as well, they will also appear in search engines like Google, they can also appear in Amazon.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png.