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Christian Science: Is it Christianity or Not?

Despite its name, Christian Science is not Christianity if we are to base the doctrines from the Bible. Why? Because most of the teachings were not centered on the Bible and Christ.

So, what is Christian Science then?

Mary Baker Eddy founded this denomination in 1879, claiming she had a divine revelation. Interestingly, she didn’t believe in God. For her, everything, from sickness to death was an illusion.

According to her, people could achieve spiritual healing without the intervention of medicine and other people such as doctors, psychologists, and physicians.

Practices and Beliefs

When Eddy introduced her beliefs, she published a book that discussed the practices and beliefs. This book is entitled Science and Health. Here are the views Christian science adheres to:

They use the Bible and a doctrine book.

Believers of Christian science read the Bible and the Science and Health of Eddy. They sing hymns. However, when there’s a contradiction between the Bible and “Science and Health,” the Science and Health overrides the Scriptures.

Everything is an illusion.

It is one of the most controversial in Christian Science. Eddy said that people don’t sin because sin is an illusion. Sickness and death are also illusions and are the product of the mind. Believers were taught that a person could heal his or her illness with the right mindset.

Procreation doesn’t need men.

Women can bear a child using the supreme effort of the mind. Because according to them, men aren’t needed. Aside from this, Genesis 2 is a lie to a Christian science believer because of the number two belief. Any matter in this world is an illusion

There’s no personal God

Eddy believed that God in the Bible is not true and that everything found in this world is a god. She also thought that Jesus isn’t God. Instead, Christ is the concept of a perfect man but isn’t meant to be worshipped.

Moreover, these believers thought that Jesus didn’t die because death is an illusion. People only thought He was dead.

Salvation isn’t believing Christ.

These believers believe that Christ didn’t die for the sins of the world because again, sin is just a product of the mind. Salvation is enlightenment and the deliverance from all of these delusions about sickness and death.

Is Christian Science Christianity?

Honestly, it is far from being Christianity. Christianity is centered in Christ. Based on the beliefs mentioned above, Christian science believers don’t recognize the Bible as a way of living and that Christ saved the world from condemnation because of the sins.

Why Christian is part of the name?

Well, the name Christian is part of their “evangelistic” effort to succeed in gaining followers. Christian science might be a small denomination compared to Catholic or Protestant Christians, but it has a strong following from people who don’t believe in Christ.

Final Words

Eddy created controversy and had amassed believers, albeit being small in number. Whoever believes in the doctrine of Christian Science has the free will to do so.

In a Christian perspective, these people are still nonbelievers, because their beliefs aren’t centered in Christ’s teachings.


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