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Christian Sexuality: 7 Ways Christian Couples Remain in Love

Many married Christian couples shy away from the topic of Christian sexuality. They have a hard time communicating with their spouse about it. Having a perfect Christian marriage is difficult to achieve, but it’s not impossible. So, we rounded up a list of ways to remain in love.

Know how to Pleasure Each Other

Pleasure comes from the sexual parts of the human anatomy. These sexual parts are the clitoris (for a woman) and the penis (for a man). This isn’t rocket science, but many couples forget about this fundamental element of human sexuality.

The key is knowing how these sexual parts play a role in reaching heights of pleasure. If the penis is the maximum sexual pleasure for a man, the clitoris is for a woman.

Engage the clitoris for enhanced sexual pleasure. This act will help your spouse reach climax.

Discuss Sex Fulfillment at the Right Time

Communication is the key to great Christian sex life. Learn how to communicate with your spouse the right way at the appropriate time.

When you do this, avoid talking about sexual fulfillment before, or during sex, or right after sex. These are the times when your spouse is vulnerable and might feel belittled when you talk about sexual satisfaction.

It’s all right to talk about sexual fulfillment after sex, but do it when the “fire” settles, or when your heart isn’t racing. Alternatively, talk about it the following morning. Do it the gentlest way possible.

Grow Together Spiritually

Many Christians have a dark past when it comes to sexuality. Some have pre-marital sex, while others regret having to deal with abortion experiences.

These past experiences can affect your spiritual growth, especially if you’re hiding it. Whatever dark secrets you have, it’s best to acknowledge it and ask for forgiveness. Free yourself of those skeletons.

The other spouse shouldn’t prejudice his or her wife. Together, Christian couples should face these dark past experiences and ask the guidance of the almighty God. They can even ask the help of a Christian counselor if needed.

Care for Yourself

God created and gifted us our bodies. Thus, we should take care of it, keep it well and healthy. When we have a healthy body, our Christian sexuality follows. We can satisfy our spouse’s demands for sexual fulfillment.

Maintain a Healthy Sex Life

How to maintain a healthy sex life? Do the four ways and keep the excitement throughout your Christian marriage life.

The honeymoon phase doesn’t end and isn’t just for young couples. It should get going as you age. Never stop courting your wife. Never stop desiring your husband.

Besides, sexual fulfillment is a mutual meeting of each other’s needs. It’s a give-and-take situation that you and your spouse should learn to master.

Respect Your Spouse

Most importantly, respect your spouse. You married him or her and said those vows of honoring him or her, through thick and thin. Never belittle his or her efforts in making your marriage a successful one.

Final Words

Commitment, respect, and of course, love for your spouse are the critical components of exceptional Christian sexuality. Healthy sex life as Christian couples entails a lot of hard work. It is a collaborative effort between a husband and wife. With the guidance of God, Christian couples can achieve this.

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