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Christian Worship: A General Overview

Christian worship honors and magnifies God. Christians use different ways. If you are going to study the Bible, Christian worship consists of different ways. Christians do it formally and informally. So, what are the parts of worship and what are the elements included in it?

Formal Worship

Formal worship includes prayer and Sunday (or Sabbath) services. These services last for hours, depending on the Church.

Often, formal Christian worship involves prayers, sacramental ministry, and preaching or sermon. The sequence differs from one church to another. Some church focus on praying while others on preaching.

Informal Worship

Informal refers to fellowship inside homes or any gathering places. It could be a simple Bible study among age-specific groups such as youth, young adults, or couples.

Like formal worship, it always begins and ends with a prayer. In some informal worship, music and songs are incorporated to set the mood and relax the participants.

Elements of a Christian Worship

Whether it’s formal or informal, a Christian worship consists of major elements. These are:

  • Prayers
  • Music
  • Sermon
  • Sacraments


Christian worship is incomplete without prayers. Usually, a prayer signifies the start or end of a worship. The majority of worship consists of prayers. Why? Because Christ taught us that praying is an essential requirement for being a Christian.

Praying is our way of communicating with God. With prayers, we can ask for forgiveness, supplication, or simply thank God for all the blessings He bestowed upon us. Prayers could be poetic, narrative, or in singing form. Some prayers are spoken aloud while others prefer silent meditation. Whatever it is, prayers reflect our deepest desires.


The Bible is overflowing with stories in praising God through tambourines, harp, and drums. The Book of Psalms is a songbook dedicated to worshipping God the almighty. Thus, it is only imperative that modern Christians include music as part of their Christian worship.

Now, we have guitars, electronic keyboards, violin, and other instruments to worship God. Some churches even have dedicated Christian ministries that teach members to play instruments.


The liturgy part is the preaching of the word of God. It is not to teach the doctrine of the Church or talk about a community cause that the Church is supporting. Oftentimes, before the sermon from the pastor, we read the Scriptures so that every member is reminded of the Gospel.


In the ancient time, sacraments weren’t a label yet, but Christians used baptism, and Eucharist just the way we use now today. It was only in later years that the word sacrament was used to describe these acts of ministry within the Church.

Final Words

Christian worship is an essential part of our Christian life. Every day, we perform worship, whether we are inside the Church or not. It is also a way of reflecting our Christian living.

It is one of the basic components of a Church that adopts with time, society, and people. Some forms of worship might not be a blessing to one but could be to another. The important thing is to never forget prayer and to preach the Gospel of Christ because these two elements are the most important ones in Christian worship.


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