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Discrimination and Persecution Against Christian Women

Today, you might think that persecution is a distant and remote possibility. However, despite the modern world, persecution is still evident, especially on Christian women. It’s quite saddening to know that Christian women are the most persecuted individuals around the world.

Gender Discrimination

Regardless of religion, women suffer discrimination and mistreatment in the hands of other people. Around the world, China and India are the leading countries that persecute women because of their gender.

Dowry death, gendercide, and abortion are a few of the horrifying practices in these countries. These practices kill women, either before birth or failure to satisfy some conditions. Dowry death in India allows the husband to murder their future wife when the dowry isn’t met. Gendercide in China allows women to kill their babies, either born or unborn, when the gender turns out to be female.

Persecution Against Christian Women

Discrimination is already rampant around the world. Aside from India and China, Iran, Nigeria, Iraq, Pakistan, and Libya have the highest rate of discrimination against women. The discrimination and persecution doubles when other people learn that these women are Christians.

Sadly, Christian persecution on women is rising. According to the Open Doors USA, there was a 14% increase in persecution against Christians. This rate is an alarming rate, given that our world is already achieved advancement in technology.

Jesus’ View on Gender Discrimination

As we can see in the Bible, women were already vulnerable to discrimination. This was expected since people lived in a patriarchal society during the time of Jesus. Women weren’t allowed to go out except when visiting the synagogue. Jewish men even pray and thank God for not being born a woman.

However, Jesus changed (or wanted to change) this cultural treatment to women by interacting with them. He talked with women, notably those shunned by society. He even preached them the Gospel. In short, Jesus treated women like equal.

One example is Jesus’ interaction with a woman in the well. Based on the story, this woman was a pariah to the society who was known for her immorality. She was also a Samaritan. During those times, Jews weren’t allowed to mingle with Samaritans, regardless of gender. Instead of conforming to the rules of society, Jesus asked the woman to give Him some water and started to preach about the Gospel.

What Can We Learn from This Story?

This Bible story teaches us to treat anyone equally, regardless of gender, upbringing, race, or color.  Like Jesus, we must have that compassion to reach out to the unloved, to the discriminated, to the unwanted.

Christian Responsibility

Aside from compassion, we should pray for the end of discrimination around the world. We know that ending discrimination isn’t an easy feat, but God is a powerful being. He can change the world in His own time.

Alternatively, we could pray for healing to our beloved sisters in the faith who experienced persecution because of their faith. We could ask God to bring revelation to the hearts of those people who persecute Christian women.

Final Words

Christian women are vulnerable to persecution, but with compassion and prayer, we can help them fight these mistreatments. We should also be aware of these global issues so that we can aid these women in their plight.

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