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Review Christian Books is inspired in helping Christian Authors and Christian Writers with their Christian Books Reviews. We will review any Christian book from any genre you may have. Christian manuscripts, published & unpublished Christian books, Christian eBooks, Christian audio books, Christian Fiction and non-fiction, Christian Short stories and more. Your review will be posted on our site. You can also post our review in your Amazon Editorial Reviews section.

We are a team of Christian readers and reviewers; we are not all literary experts, but regular readers with a passion for reading and helping new and established authors with honest reviews of their work. If a book receives less than 4 stars no official review is given. Instead, the reviewer will write constructive criticism to let the author know what problems they had with the book and offer any suggestions they may have to improve it. This will be about the size of a regular review and will be sent to the author privately; it will not be posted publicly. We are here to help authors, not hurt them. Although we as a company do not interfere with what rating a reviewer gives a book, as the rating must be what the reviewer feels is appropriate, we do monitor the average ratings of our reviewers to ensure they are being fair and honest about their ratings to maintain the integrity of our reviews.

Yes, all our reviewers are Christians and avid readers with the desire to their experience with your book (s) with others.

No, they are not. Most of our reviewers are Avid Christian readers with a lot of experience in reviewing books and sharing their thoughts about what they read.

We only post 4 and 5 star Christian Book Reviews. We use a standard 5 star rating system and only post Christian Book reviews we have awarded a 4 or 5 star rating. Our goal is to help Christian authors with positive advertising for their Christian books and to provide insightful Christian Book reviews to help readers find the perfect Christian book by a new or established Christian author. If you receive a poor Christian Book review then our Christian Book reviewer will point out any issues they had with your story to help you make it better. Once you have revised it, we will be happy to review it again.

We accept all Christian manuscripts, published and unpublished books, eBooks, audio books, comic books and poetry books, Fiction, Non Fiction. As long as it is a Christian related book, we can review it. Your work must be in English and fit into one of our categories. We also have book reviewing services into other languages. Contact us for Christian Book reviews in another language. We will review any Christian book from any genre you may have. Christian manuscripts, published & unpublished Christian books, Christian eBooks, Christian audio books, Christian Fiction and non-fiction, Christian Short stories and more. Your Christian Book review will be posted on our site. You can also post your Christian Book review in your Amazon Editorial Reviews section. Or we can post your Christian Book review in as a verified purchase (contact us for more details). Your review will be indexed by major search engine like Google. We will post your Christian book review on our site. You can also post the review on your Amazon page in your Editorial Reviews section. If you want us to purchase your book in and post the review directly, just select the correct package for that option. Otherwise, your review will be automatically posted in our website and / or network of websites. When your review is complete, we will send you an email with a link to your new review on our site. You can submit your book to us in the following formats in order of preference: PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX). If you have a different file format, just email us for more information. Email your book to info@localhost

It normally takes anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the length of your book. Sit tight, relax and wait for your review to arrive.

Our Christian Reviews rating system. We use a standard 5 star rating system and only post reviews we have awarded a 4 or 5 star rating. Our goal is to help authors with positive advertising for their books and to provide insightful reviews to help readers find the perfect book by a new or established Christian author. As long as it is a Christian related book, we can review it. We also have book reviewing services into other languages. Contact us for reviews in another language. Appearance: Professional cover design, nice table of contents and interesting chapter headings. Plot: The characters of a book should be well defined. The tone should be consistent, the theme should be clear, and the plot should be original or told from a unique perspective. Development: How effectively you told or presented your story. The dialogue should be realistic, the descriptions should be vivid, and the material should be concise and coherent. The development of your story can have a huge impact on the reader’s understanding and enjoyment of the material. Formatting: The way you describe scenes, display dialogue, and shift point of view can make or break your story. Excessive grammatical errors and typos can even put off readers completely. Experience and Opinion of the reviewer: The reviewer takes into account all these elements and describes the overall reading experience. Reviewer provides you with comments or possible suggestions on your book for improvement.

Christian Reviewers & Christian Readers We read your book. We know that a Book Review is Not a Book Report, that is why we read your book very well before providing you with our review. We go beyond your writing style and we look for the message you are trying to share and how well you’ve managed to do so. That is our main goal. We avoid any Theological Attack. We understand that you might have a biblical background and approach; we respect that. We put our main effort on your hard work and how your message is presented to touch others for His Kingdom. You received a call to write your book so others can listen to your message. We are not Grammar Judas. We understand that our authors are Christians, not perfect machines, we don’t focus our reviews in typos and we don’t mention them in our reviews. We know how expensive editing can be and in top of that, we might still find some typos, but we focus on your message.

Christian Book Review Packages & Amazon Christian Book Reviews

0 to 10,000 words1.     $55
10,001 to 20,000 words2.     $75
20,001 to 30,000 words3.     $95
30,001 to 40,000 words4.     $125
40,001 to 50,000 words5.     $145
50,001 to 60,000 words6.     $165
60,001 to 70,000 words7.     $185
70,001 to 80,000 words8.     $205
80,001 to 90,000 words9.     $225
90,001 to 100,000 words10.     $245
Above 100,000 words11.     – Email us –

Proceed to download this form and email it to as along with all information requested in it. DOWNLOAD NOW.

Amazon Monthly Christian Book Reviews (contact us for more information on our Christian Book Reviews monthly services). If you are interested in publishing new Christian Book Reviews each month. For Christian Book Reviews, kindly add the cost of your book as an additional fee. Rates don’t include the fees for purchasing your books.

Originally, all our reviews are posted in our website. If you don’t want us to publish your review in our website. Feel free to inform us in writing by emailing us.

No, you are not allowed to modify our reviews. However, you can post it anywhere, publish it or even printed without any restrictions.

Yes, you have to. You will need to keep reviewed by text at all time.

It is not a normal procedure, however, if you must, you will need to contact us, because then you will need to purchase waivers rights (rights to remove reviewed by text).

Additionally, our reviewers often post reviews to their websites, blogs and social sites. As an extra bonus, we will post your Christian Book Reviews in our social network with over 15,000 thousand followers. We will also give you a personalize link in our website for your book and review, that you can share or promote any time.

Monthly Christian Book Reviews (contact us for more information on our Christian Book Reviews monthly services). If you are interested in publishing new Christian Book Reviews each month.

Yes, we do. We offer a variety of services through our partner websites as well. Read below.

Christian Ghostwriting

If you are looking for experts Christian ghostwriters to shape your story and put your ideas into writing; just contact you. You might have the vision or idea, but we can help you put it into writing.

Christian Editing

If you are unsure about your final manuscript and you are in need of Christian editing services. We will be more than glad to assist you with your writing.

Our Christian editors will check the Overall quality of writing and improve it as needed, we will also make sure of enhancing the language used for better understanding.

By working on the expressions and making them clearer, correcting possible errors and inconsistencies, your writing will have maximum impact in a positive way.


Christian Proofreading

Our Christian proofreaders will check spelling, grammar, consistency, typos and usages of the language when proofreading your work.

Our rate for this service is 0.02 cents per word.


Christian Copy-editing

Our Christian editors will go through your manuscript improving its clarity, flow, avoiding redundancies; working on your point of view and addressing appropriate your audience.

Our rate for this service is 0.03 cents per word


Christian Content Editing

Our Christian editors will work on your writing style, formatting consistency, organization of your material, character’s, plots developments, find the logic behind your writing, phrasing and word choice for a better final manuscript.

Our rate for this service is 0.04 cents per word


Christian Comprehensive Editing

God has giving you a message to share with the world, but you don’t know how to put it into words, or maybe you are not sure that you are using correct words to reach others. Your manuscript might need shaping, restructuring and possibly re-writing, wherever is necessary; we will help you polish your writing, manuscript and give your writing a more professional approach for the readers to feel better with your work.

We will provide you two or three drafts for your approval, thus assuring final outcome imagined by your and sharing your message using your first draft that God inspired you to share.


Christian Layout and Formatting

We can assist you to format and layout your book as per kindle requirements (or another publishing house).

Christian Book Cover Design

Christian book cover design are very expensive; we have been there, we have had headaches with the high prices of Christian book cover design. With us, you won’t have that problem anymore, we will create a perfect, customized book cover for you at a very low rate compering to the huge amounts charged online.


Christian Book Promotion

Writing your book and publishing is just the beginning of your journey. If you did not know, the hard work starts now. We will help you rank and promote your book online, amazon ranking, search engine ranking and worldwide recognition.

Amazon Christian Book Ranking

Your book is available in amazon, but nobody is finding it and you are not having any sales at all, even when your book is free of charge, just very a few people are able to find it (your friends and family members). It is because most of the authors still don’t understand that is a search engine, therefore, you will need experts to rank your keywords and position your book where people can find it, resulting in sales. Just contact us for more information.


Christian Website Ranking

If you have a ministry website, personal website or just a blog and you want to rank it, so everyone body can find it at top number 1 position in google and other search engines; just contact us.


ISBN Assignment

If you just need a few ISBNs, just contact us and we will gladly assign new ISBNs for you from our whole bunch of ISBNs.


Christian Book Translation

Christian Translation ministry has been translating Christian books and materials online for more than 15 years into more than 125 languages. If you want to reach other countries and nationalities with your book and message, just contact our partner ministry by clicking here (Christian Translation).

Yes, we are. Christian Reviewers Wanted

Are you a book’s lover? Are you always looking for a great book to read? Don’t just read it, let others know what you think!

You always enjoy the pleasure of reading a good Christian book. Well, we have great news for you.

What would you say if we tell you that you can get paid for reading the books you love? Isn’t it awesome?

We receive amazing books on a regular basis from Christian authors, because they want us to read and review their books. You can be one of our reviewer.

The process is very simple. Continue doing what you love (reading books) and get a compensation for your reviews.

Wait, that’s not all. What about if you don’t have to pay for a book? If you see a book and you would like to read it, just to share your comments, you can check our Free E-books section or contact us with the title of the book you want to read.

If you have a passion for reading Christian Books and a desire to help Christian authors and their readers, then we would love to have you on the Review Christian Books team! We do require that you have good writing skills so that you can recognize the quality of the work you are reviewing. You need to be willing to review digital versions of books, which can be read on your computer or e-reader (Kindle, iPad, etc.) because we only accept digital books for review. Our customers will either submit their work through our system, which will be ready for download on your member’s area or provide with the link information for purchasing the books.

You now have the opportunity to read incredible Christian stories and guess what! Get paid for it. Make sure you register so you can start reading incredible stories.

As a Christian Book Reviewer, you will carefully read the stories and share your understanding, impressions, what you like and possibly what you did not like about a story. We encourage all our reviewers to post only positive feedback. If at any time, you find a story that for some reason is not ready to receive a positive feedback, make sure to make annotations and comments to share with the customers, but never post a negative feedback. We are here to help Christian authors get good honest reviews and at the same time, improve their writings in the process.

What you need to consider when reviewing a Christian book. Essence of a Christian book review.

Identify the message, purpose or goal of the author and determine if the author has reached his or her goal.


If you know about the author’s qualification, previous books or experience, mention them, if it is relevant to your Christian Book Review.


Choose a major theme and a secondary theme of the book that you loved and explained why you loved or liked them. You need to tell others how you were blessed when reading the book.


Choose one or two things that you did not like very much. Make sure you give objective reasons and do not base your opinions on a passing mood.


You may want to comment on the author’s writing style (formal or informal, captivating or turgid, and so on).


Summarize your thoughts and recommend the book by sharing the author’s link, website, and profile page; conclude with a blessing.

A book review is not about emotions, but primarily analytical. Your rational review will help other potential book- buyers, more than your review based on feelings. A 250-500 word review is a good Christian book review. Christian authors need the support of Christian readers. One of the best ways Christian readers can do that, besides buying their books, is to review them. Remember that as a Christian Book Reviewer you a greater responsibility. The authors are trying to honor the Lord, so you as the reviewer need prayerfully to focus on the content and leave an honest review.

Yes, you are. As long as the customer allows it (check with us first). We encourage our reviewers to post the reviews in as many websites as possible. Always keeping the information of the customer intact and the reviewed for information. You MUST email us with the websites or locations where you post the review.

Reviewer Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. You will need to agree to them to become part of the Review Christian Books’ Team.
Ownership of Reviews
We retain complete ownership of your reviews. By agreeing to review for us you grant Christian Translation LLC  and / or a nonexclusive, royalty-free and perpetual license to publish, reproduce and sublicense the review in any media or on any website. When you post your review in any media, you agree to give us credit in the review as “Reviewed for” When we post your review on other websites, we will include your name to give you proper credit for the review: “Reviewed by [YOUR NAME] for Review Christian Books.” We will prove the author with the review and the author can reproduce in full, we will also publish the review in our website (subject to author’s permission). The author has the right to reproduce any part of the review but he or she does not have any right to alter its content. As long as you’ve provided a full and compliant review, you’ll get paid either way.
Creating Quality Reviews
We require that you have good writing skills, not only so you can produce informative reviews, but so that you can recognize the quality of the work you are reviewing.  You will be required to complete your review within 2-4 weeks of receipt of the material. If you are unable to complete the review in that time you can request more time.

Your review should be at least 250 words with one paragraph summarizing the plot and a second paragraph containing your opinion of the work. Above all, your review should be your honest opinion of the work.
NO Tolerance for Plagiarism or Skimming
We do not use quotas or put unfair time restraints on you as a reviewer. We only ask that you read and review books you choose within 2-3 weeks. It is NEVER okay to skim a book or copy parts of other reviews to complete your review.
You are offering to be a reviewer because you enjoy reading and helping authors, and neither of these purposes are satisfied if you cheat yourself, us, and the author by providing anything less than an honest review after a complete reading of their book.
Zero tolerance means that we cannot and will not give second chances when it comes to a violation of this policy and will immediately terminate you as a reviewer if we determine that you have abused our author’s trust.
We will pay you on a specific book basis. By submitting your reviewer’s application, you are agreeing to receive offers of work and to comply with our conditions once we have settled on a deal with you. We expect a detailed review in return.  You commit on a book-by-book basis. The important thing is that it is a serious attempt to minimize subjectivity and to maximize objectivity. It is not a matter of liking a book or not, what really matters is whether the target audience will like it and will understand the message. All our payments are processed through paypal. If you cannot accept paypal payment, check with us for other options (fees might apply).
How often do you process payment?

You can bill us anytime you want. If you want to bill on a monthly basis or bi-weekly, feel free to do so. Or you just need to request payment whenever you complete you review. You will be paid as soon as the review is approved.

Once you apply
We will assess your application, if we accept you as one of our reviewer; we will get in touch whenever there is a book for you to review. When we contact you, we will tell inform you of the requirements, what comes with the work and our best payment offer. Then you have the right to accept it or decline it.
You will need to submit your full name, a short biography and a picture of you for us to post on our site. If you prefer not to send a picture, we can use a picture of one of your favorite authors.

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For any advertising your purchase with us. We will give promote your ads through our social medial fans (Face book fans with over 15,000 followers) as a Bonus.

Yes, we do. Contact us for more information on our Christian Book Review Affiliate Program and its benefits.

Yes, it is. Contact us for more information and we will offer your Free Ebooks on our website.

Yes, we do. Check our Free Ebooks Section for more information.

Yes, you can. Just email us with the information.

Yes, we can. Just Subscribe to our Newsletter and you will be notified promptly.

Yes, we do. Contact us for more information.

Yes, you can. Click on our Link Section and select the best option for you.


A. If your question is not in the list. Feel free to email us providing us full detail on your question. We will gladly get back to you with a prompt response.