How to be Married when you are Single

OVERCOMING YOUR STRUGGLE WITH SINGLENESS: How can we help single people truly understand what it means to be single? How do they learn to be content in this season of life? How do they prepare for marriage? Being single is NOT a “four letter word”. Today’s Singles are bombarded with distractions at every turn.

These distractions all lead to “hooking up” to not be alone. TV, Internet, and Mail Ads all convey the promise of happiness, and marriage if people can just find someone to be with! The new book “How to be Married When You Are Single – Overcoming Your Struggle with Singleness” looks at some of these issues.

This book is a must read for Church Leaders, Singles’ Ministry Groups, Youth Leaders and groups, and anyone who finds themselves in a season of being single. Her fresh and now perspective on singleness will surely ignite conversations around the topic of living Godly and single. Singles reignite your passion for God. Married couples share this new resource with Singles everywhere! It is good to be single and living for God! View in

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