The Sons of God – A Discourse on the Christian Revolution


          I had mixed feelings while reading the The Sons of God: A Discourse on the Christian Revolution. By the time I had finished reading, my eyes were completely opened up to the fact that, as a Christian, I have considerable work to do, in preparation for the turbulent times ahead of us.

At first, I felt like the author, Anthony Marnell, was yelling at me. YOU! YOU! YOU! WOE! WOE! WOE! Basically, I was taken aback by his tone, finding it rude, hypocritical, and completely abrasive. But as I reached the second half of the book, I realized that the author wasn’t angry, or being hateful, instead I fully understood that he has been anointed with these messages, and this revolutionary discourse runs through his veins, spilling out into the words I was reading; those words are a reminder to ALL Christians of God’s expectations - of ALL of us. He was preaching the gospel, making sure, LOUD AND CLEAR, that I was listening.

This book put into perspective, that in this modern day world, Christians have become soft, almost lazy in following God’s heed. This Christian novel reminds us that the time is now – Woe, Woe, Woe!

The time is upon us! That all Christians must put themselves into check, and be ready for the tribulation. The author is very clear, focused, and concise with his teachings by using precise examples of scripture, even calling on the churches to get the teachings of the tribulation in the correct order. We all will be on earth during the three WOES! All Christians must endure the trials, suffer the Antichrist, but only the truest Christians will remain for the arrival of Jesus’s 2nd coming.

I truly feel that the author’s “in your face style” will have you asking yourself,

“Am I ready?”

There will be no doubt in your mind, as the reader, as to how important the author’s message of “preparedness” is!

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The Sons of God: A Discourse on the Christian Revolution

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