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Principles of Christian Leadership

Principles of Christian Leadership

Christian leadership is serving others with Christ’s interests as goals and promoting people’s best interest. It is different from worldly leadership. Christian leaders don’t use their authority to influence others. Instead, they’ll use their love for Christ and the presence of the spirit to evangelize. Often, success is not measured using metrics.

To become a Christian leader, at least, learn the different principles of Christian leadership. So, here are the principles of Christian leadership:


Love is the central principle of Christian leadership. You can’t serve others if you don’t love Christ. You can’t influence others if you don’t profess your love to Christ.

Christ taught His disciples to love everyone, even those who persecute them. This love will transform anyone and Apostle Paul had written about this kind of love in his books.


Self-development is a process. It involves constantly improving your flaws and consistently praying for guidance. It includes spiritual development.

You can develop wisdom through experience. However, you can only reach your full potential with God’s providence. You can grow spiritually if you continue to learn the word of God, the Gospel of Christ.

Without these essential elements, you can’t succeed as a Christian leader. You don’t need to become a pastor or a church worker to become one although it would be a nice Christian career to pursue. You’ll have the privilege of reaching more people and earn the respect of those you serve.


Even in the Christian church, we often encounter Church leaders who are arrogant, who have a proud heart. There’s nothing wrong about being proud of Christ. However, if you use this to control other people, it becomes an abomination to God’s eyes.

God didn’t make you a Christian leader to control others. He gave you that responsibility so that other people learn the power of God’s love, to experience the fruit of the Spirit, and to know the Gospel of Christ.

Remember, every time the Israelites become disobedient to God and feel pride in negative ways, God destroys them by punishing them, and allows them to learn about defeat. Thus, be modest and be humble even if everyone is praising you for your success. Only God can give you the proper adulation in ways you won’t expect.


As a Christian leader, you have to correct the people you serve and vice versa. The Bible tells us so. Done correctly, you can succeed in rectifying improper acts in the eyes of God.

You can correct others the right way by understanding their nature, their temperaments. You must respect their concerns and believe in their gifts. As a Christian leader, you have to support their dreams but oppose their flaws.


Motivation doesn’t refer to your personal development. It refers to your ability to motivate others to become good Christians. Never use manipulation or exploitation to spur other people to action. Instead, motivate them and use the love of God and the Spirit’s guidance.


It is one of the most difficult principles to live by as a Christian leader. It involves saying the right words and doing the right actions.


Being a Christian leader is a fulfilling commitment. It might be difficult but with God’s guidance, any Christian leader will succeed. You can use these principles to write about Christian leadership. If you need someone to review your work, we have book reviews by a Christian perspective.

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