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Published: 9 / 3 / 19

“Pride goes before destruction. How well he knew. But how painful was the lesson. He needed to clear his head and help the other team members before fear overtook and claimed them all.”

Mistakes happen, however when that mistake is against the forces of darkness God’s army must listen to the voice of the Elite Commander and not get ahead of His timing. The Emissary has been called back to God’s heart and he knows his job is to train God’s “Precious Team” to prepare for the battle against The Lord of the Night and his second in command Apollyon.

Truly a battle of good versus evil as 5 Ohio towns must be freed from the forces of evil and restored to the light. The Elite Commander has more to reveal, but not yet. We’ve all heard of the Avengers, superheroes galore, as kids cheer for their favorites. However, one will find, within this novel, these superheroes are more powerful than can be imagined – these are the called superheroes of God.

Let me begin by saying if you haven’t read book one of this series stop right now and start at the beginning of this powerful, Christ-packed novel. I found myself not only lost within its pages, but I was born and raised in Ohio so the battles become real and alive for me. Like me, readers will find themselves reading their Bibles and Ohio history as they read this page-turner.

When I read book one I felt that it was “Left Behind”, “The Screw-tape Letters” and “This Present Darkness” all rolled into one epic novel and my thoughts haven’t changed only intensified. My mind’s eye played the battle scenes, as I read. I sat at the table as the team planned. I was on my knees in prayer with the prayer warriors. In other words, this book is more than engaging it is alive. It is more than fiction – it is truth.

Yeral has sounded the battle cry. As a Christian, I couldn’t just read, I became a part knowing we are up against the forces of darkness and one cannot read this well-written, God-inspired book and not walk away changed. I for one was blown away and can’t wait for more. If you are a Christian you have to read this phenomenal series!! View it on

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