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Published: 6 /28/ 2020

The Diamond Soul was hard to put down once I started reading it. George Vasilca has a unique way of backing up Christian theology with proven science. Too many times, Christians (myself included) get ‘lost’ on the path that Jesus paved.


We too often sacrifice our family, friends and other commitments in the name of serving Christ. Yet we fail to realize that Jesus’ ministry on earth was exclusively to reach out to the lost as well as teach and mold his disciples.


Regardless of how many people Jesus healed or how many he taught on a given day, he always took time to spend with his disciples.  The Diamond Soul forced me to re-examine my own life and identify the gaps that have prevented me from reaching my full potential for Christ.


There were many times when I had to pause and ask myself the question Mr. Vasilca posed in the book: ‘Who Are You’?. Unfortunately – I wasn’t satisfied with the conclusion I came to. I want my soul to be re-defined, polished and cut in a way that allows me to be useful for Christ.  I know the path to a clear-cut Diamond soul won’t be easy – but neither was Jesus’ life easy while on this Earth.


Regardless how the sacrifices I will have to make on my journey, I look forward to going back and re-reading the book and making the necessary changes in my life which, I hope in the end, will be pleasing to God.

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