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Tiny Tim and the Ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge A Lovely Faith-Based Continuation of a Holiday Classic!
Published: 3 / 2/ 2020

I love reading the classics, and there is no exception to that around the holiday season. The Christmas Carol is read at least once every Christmas.

The book has a good ending, and by good ending, I mean the epitome of Christmas “happy” endings. The bad guy had a change of heart, and all is merry and joyous.


But did that last? Did Ebenezer actually stay on his giving path, or was it a ploy? Did he only show mercy and kindness temporarily to avoid any misgivings with the Spirits? What about Cratchit and Tiny Tim? I mean Tiny Tim has to eventually grow up, right? So, was he healthy, happy?


Every year, I come up with my own continuation of the story because the original ends in the present, and my mind would rather make sure that these “changes of the heart” are permanent, on into the future.


I recently read Tiny Tim and the Ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge, and was blown away by its ability to put a finished perspective on what might have happened after Ebenezer’s faithful night with the Spirits, and that next Christmas Day.


Classically written, Norman Whaler’s book delves into the future lives of Cratchit and Tiny Tim. As you may suspect, Ebenezer himself makes an appearance as well, but in a capacity, he himself is all too familiar with. Tiny Tim has grown into a young man who finds himself in turmoil after a difficult loss during the holiday season.

With a visit from an unexpected, yet welcomed friend, he is able to find trust in God, the meaning of faith, and climb out of his despair, opening himself up – seeing the world in a whole new light. Tiny Time and the Ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge is a smaller book, but mighty in its Godly message; strongly centering around one of the most difficult tasks Christians face – to have faith, when faced with adversity.

God has a plan for all of us, and being a good Christian person doesn’t prevent difficult things from happening to us. We still have to have faith in God and His plan for us, even through the dark times.


A wise Ebenezer said, “True faith is trusting Him even when you don’t know the why of things…..”


All the while, Tiny Tim is trying to keep his spirit afloat, there is a spark – a little flicker of light in his heart…..not only is this a faith filled book, but also a simple, yet enduring love story, that adds the perfect little touch.


Tiny Tim and the Ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge provides these beloved characters a well-rounded future, and puts at ease all questions you may have had after reading its predecessor.

Or does it…..


This story, backed with God’s inspiration and love, providing a timeless book that was a pure delight to read. If the author should feel the need to continue on with his story, I would not hesitate to read it!


I would highly recommend this book by Norman Whaler, and intend on including it with our other traditional books we read every year during the Christmas season.  Amazon Link , Normal Whaler’s Website 

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