What will it be like to die lost? By James Thomas Lee, Jr.

What will it be like to die lost? By James Thomas Lee Jr

That is an incredible question most people don’t even think about it. James Thomas Lee, Jr. has taken the time to answer this question with detailed information from the Bible.
While reading this book, I came to realize that not many Christians understand the difference between “Hades and Gehenna” The author has provided very specific information for anyone to understand the difference and use the meaning for evangelization and helping others to realize, it is real.

Most of the excuses used by self-righteousness people to justify themselves and pretend they are going to heaven can be found in this book.
Of course, it does not have to be this way and you don’t have to die lost as the author explains, he also gives you the alternative not to die lost.

Make sure to read this book very well and share it with your loved ones, your friends and acquaintances, who still are not saved. I believe it is an incredible tool for evangelization and helping others come to Jesus.

The five wrong beliefs is one of my favorite part of the book, because people indeed have these wrong thoughts.

Congratulations to the author for taking the time to detail this very useful information. I highly recommend it.


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