Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. You will need to agree to them to become part of the Review Christian Books’Team.

Ownership of Reviews We retain complete ownership of your reviews. By agreeing to review for us you grant Christian Translation LLC and / or ReviewChristianBooks.com a nonexclusive, royalty-free and perpetual license to publish, reproduce and sublicense the review in any media or on any website. When you post your review in any media, you agree to give us credit in the review as “Reviewed for reviewchristianbooks.com.” When we post your review on other websites, we will include your name to give you proper credit for the review: “Reviewed by [YOUR NAME] for Review Christian Books.”

Creating Quality Reviews We require that you have good writing skills, not only so you can produce informative reviews, but so that you can recognize the quality of the work you are reviewing. In addition, you need to be willing to review

electronic versions of author submissions. 95% of our review submissions come in digital format.

You will be able to login and view all the available books with all relevant details so you can select only the ones you are interested in. You can then immediately download the electronic version of the book (if available), or we will mail you the books to you at our expense (US residents only). You will be required to complete your review within 2-3 weeks of receipt of the material. If you are unable to complete the review in that time you can request more time. If you are unable to complete a review of a hard copy book in a timely manner, you will need to mail the book back to us at your expense.

Your review should be at least 250 words with one paragraph summarizing the plot and a second paragraph containing your opinion of the work. Above all, your review should be your honest opinion of the work. You will be able to post your reviews online at your convenience using our online Review Submission Form.

Zero Tolerance for Plagiarism or Skimming We do not use quotas or put unfair time restraints on you as a reviewer, nor do we assign you books to review. We only ask that you read and review books you choose within 2-3 weeks. If you do not want to finish reading and reviewing a book you can remove it from your list and choose another. If you need more time, we will gladly give it to you. It is NEVER okay to skim a book or copy parts of other reviews to complete your review.

You are offering to be a reviewer because you enjoy reading and helping authors, and neither of these purposes are satisfied if you cheat yourself, us, and the author by providing anything less than an honest review after a complete reading of their book.

Zero tolerance means that we cannot and will not give second chances when it comes to a violation of this policy and will immediately terminate you as a reviewer if we determine that you have abused our authors’ trust.

Biography You will need to submit your full name, a short biography and a picture of you for us to post on our site. If you prefer not to send a picture, we can use a picture of one of your favorite authors.

Reviewer Ratings

Because it is critical that our reviewers provide quality reviews, we ask our authors to review your review. When you complete a review, the author will be able to login to their Author’s Area and rate that review on a five-star scale as well as provide some brief comments.

We use this information to help us ensure the quality of our reviewers and reviews. We will provide this feedback to you so you can improve your skills. Don’t be afraid of these ratings and don’t be afraid of being honest. Remember, authors are resilient people. They want the truth, and we want you to give it to them. All we ask is that you read their book completely and provide an honest review.

Although this is primarily a volunteer position, we also pay a small amount for each review and a little more for priority reviews. But this money is not enough to be considered payment for your services, and should instead be thought of as a gift.