Enlisting the services of Yeral and his wonderful team was a Godsend for me as a Christian author.

I am so glad the LORD led me to Yeral. It was wonderful to have my book reviewed by a committed Christian such as staff member Wendee, who reviewed my book.

She gave a very insightful and brutally honest review of my book and was able to distill the essence of my book in her review, giving readers a candid view of what to expect in my book.

My book is like a coconut with a hard outer-shell and soft, succulent fruit on the inside. And Wendee was able to discern that and capture that in her review.

Kudos to her and kudos to Yeral for pleasantly surprising me with the amount of social media and website coverage for my book.

I cannot recommend any higher the services provided by Yeral and his team and wish them Godspeed in their endeavors to advance the kingdom of God.


—Anthony Marnell

The Sons of God

Anthony Marnell, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07WG69CVX