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The Bible: Source for Christian Book Reviews and Summaries

The Bible: Source for Christian Book Reviews and Summaries

The Bible is one of the best sources for writing inspirational messages, books, commentaries, Christian book reviews and summaries. Essentially, the Bible is a book that is written by many authors who witnessed the coming of Christ.

In this article, you can learn some interesting facts about the Bible and why the Bible is the best source of writing inspiration.

Interesting Facts

Even devoted Christians like you will be surprised at these interesting facts about the Bible. Here are the facts about the Bible.

Three Languages, Three Continents in One Book

Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew are the three languages used in the original text of the Scriptures. This is before the translated Bible becomes popular to Christians. Aside from this fact, the Bible was written in three continents, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Authors have a diverse background

A king or a part of the royalty wrote the Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. In the New Testament, authors were a doctor, musicians, tentmaker, farmers, fishermen, pastors, tax collectors, among other things. This only means that anyone could write about the Christian faith.

Arrangement is different

Nowadays, we are used to reading the Bible where the book of law comes first. The historical books, the books of wisdom, poetry, and prophecy books come next. But, did you know the arrangement is different in the Hebrew Bible? The prophets’ books weren’t the last. Instead, it was the book of Chronicles.

The Bible has 21 recorded dreams

That’s a lot of dreams. What is amazing? Most of the dreams came from two different men whose name is Joseph.

Ghostwriting already existed during the Old and New Testament

Traditionally, authors in the books of the Old Testament were assigned using the people involved in a specific Scripture.

An example is the book of Jonah. The Church assumes that Jonah wrote the book. However, studies show that another author might have written the book.

Another example is the book of Hebrews in the New Testament. For centuries, theologians, pastors, and priests argue about the authorship.

Bible as Source of Christian Book Reviews and Summaries

There are 66 books in the Bible. You can use these books to create book reviews and summaries. To others, this is similar to writing Christian commentaries. Commentaries intend to expound while book reviews intend to simplify.

Numerous authors wrote the Bible. This alone will inspire you and us to write reviews and summaries on these books.

Bible as Source of Writing Inspiration

The Bible is filled with amazing and inspiring texts. You can use these texts to write apologetics, commentaries, or even Christian fiction.

The Bible isn’t intended only for the church workers. It is aimed to touch the lives of non-believers and to grow the faith of a believer of Christ.


The Bible is a compilation of many books. These books are either poetry, historical, songs, or pieces of advice from the people who saw and experienced to be with Christ even for a short period.

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