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The Christian Church: What, When and Why

The Christian Church: What, When and Why

The Christian Church is the largest religion worldwide, comprising more than 30% of the world’s population. It’s no wonder Christian writers are increasing each year, especially if they have access to Christian book reviews 2019.

Christian writers are now confident to write about their religion. Yes, there are still persecutions on some parts of the world but these issues aren’t a hindrance anymore. Instead, these dilemmas are becoming a challenge to a Christian writer to inspire other people, especially non-believers.

What does it mean to become part of the Christian Church?

In general, the Church means a group of individuals. However, in the Bible, the Church has two meanings. One, it means a localized and organized group with members as Christians. Two, it means the universal body of Christ.

The universal church is composed of believers of Christ as a whole, regardless of race, nationality, or residence. On the other hand, the local church is a visible representation of the universal church.

As a Christian, our number one responsibility and divine calling are to preach and live the teachings of the Gospel.

What is the origin of the Christian Church?

The Christian Church had already been revealed in the Old Testament. However, it was only in the New Testament that Jesus explicitly talked about it (Matthew 16:18). Traditionally, the Christian Church was viewed to have started 50 days after the Passover.

What is the purpose of the Christian Church?

There are two purposes as to why the church was organized. One, the Christian church intends to evangelize non-believers. Two, it aims to educate members of the Church on the teachings of the Bible.

Thus, the Church isn’t just a building, an organization or a meeting place. It refers to the people, the believers in Christ whose sole responsibility is to become the witness of Christ of His teachings.

Christian Writers in this Era

The first Christian writers were the authors of the Bible. In the Old Testament, their job was to spread the good news about the Messiah. In the New Testament, the Christian writers’ job was to bear witness of the sacrifice of Christ in building the Church of God.

Now, Christian writers’ responsibilities are not easier than those of the first authors of the Bible. With so many distractions in the world, writing about evangelism, and the Christian Church becomes harder than before. It’s harder for people, nowadays, to listen to the words of God.

However, with persistence and perseverance, we can teach people, believers or not, about the word of God. Christian writers can use technological advancement to bring Good News.  Combined with Christian book reviews 2019, your writing can reach more people.


As a part of the Christian church, a Christian has the responsibility to teach about the Gospel. If you choose writing as a means to spread the Word, you’ll need perseverance and an outside help such as ours.

Remember, book reviews with Christian perspective are becoming essential requirements for a Christian writer. At the, we can help you find the confidence to introduce your works and compete with contemporary writers.

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