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The Name Among names in the Christian Book Review World: Review Christian

The Name Among names in the Christian Book Review World: Review Christian

Among the Christian book review sites and Christian book review websites you will hear more and more about us. Yes, we are a rising star in the night sky. You will find our reviews earth moving, emotionally touching and passionate. The difference between our Christian book review site and other Christian sites is a big one.

We always pray for God’s wisdom before we begin any book review. We are looking for God’s heart and wisdom in the book reviews we write. We believe our book reviews are inspired by the Holy Spirit. You will be inspired when you read our book reviews and you will hear from heaven when you read them.

We base all of our Christian book reviews on the inspired Word of God.

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness…” 2 Timothy 3:16,

Our reviews are God-breathed and inspired by the Word of God. We will go as far as this, to say that you will be inspired, corrected and trained by our Christian book reviews. You know, we truly take Christian book reviewing as a very serious matter before the Lord. The word of God also tells us to do all of our work heartily to the lord:

“Do not do this only while you’re being watched in order to please them, but be like slaves of the Messiah, who are determined to obey God’s will.” Ephesians 6:6

Our Christian book review site and Christian book review website are ordained from the heart of God. We endeavor to please the Lord in His work and not to please man in our book reviews. We will ultimately be held accountable to God in all that we write regarding His nature and Kingdom in the books we review.

We will review in about 110 different languages. Every one of those translations are inspired of the Lord as well. We review every book as if Jesus was right there watching every word we write. We don’t just talk from our minds but we really do soak every Christian book review in prayer. Some people will call us fanatical and that we go way overboard in inviting God to assist us in our book reviews but we work for Him.

We will reveal God’s mind and our heart in our book reviews. You will hear the heart of Jesus in our words. We want to transmit life in our book reviews. We will capture your passion and heart in our book reviews. Our reviews will be in sync with your message and we guarantee our reviews will be objective and truthful.

We don’t just consider book reviews words on a page but life-giving and life altering messages. The key to a successful selling book is to have successful reviews. Reviews that will tell the inner story of the book in a synopsis. Together we will make your book a top-seller. Join us today!

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